"Eliot Goldstein is a natural encyclopedia of recorded music, whose tastes run the gamut. 
Whatever your occasion, Eliot would be the guy to pick for helping to create the intended and desired atmosphere of music, whether it be Party or Chill, or any combination, he's the man to call. 

He has personally turned me on to so much music over the years, I don't know what I'd have done without him. When you pick a person to play music for your special occasion, make sure that it's someone that absolutely adores music, and will appreciate your specific needs.

"You want something just right, but not the normal run of the mill stuff, call my man Eliot."

Michael Shrieve
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Drummer : Santana
"Thanks again Eliot for setting up a sound system that enhanced last evening's performance as if it was being recorded for PBS. It was a very successful evening. Thanks again for your generous party donation.
I look forward to our developing friendship and other adventures in the future."

-Robert Lewis
Congregation B'Nai Israel, Albuquerque, New Mexico
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" I was not planning or budgeting a DJ into my wedding budget. My sister pushed me to follow through with Musicology with a coupon she found, and it was the best decision I could've made! You helped me so much, not only with the music but with the overall planning of the wedding! So professional and helpful and a relief! I was more than grateful for the help I received from you and the Musicology crew!"

-Jessica Graham-Starkey
"You guys were great and if the becomes an annual event we would definitely have you back."

-Jackson Elementary School
Good morning Laura!

Thank you!!!! I am so thankful we had you at the dance. I have already heard from several parents and kids how great the DJ was!!! 

I would love to be a reference…they can contact me by phone or email. Both work for me. I want to write something for your website and will do that this afternoon or in the morning. You and your family were fabulous!!!! Such a pleasure to work with.

Thank you again…Musicology was key in the success of the event!!
Michelle Vick, Sandia Preparatory School
Hey Laura! 

Thank you so much for all of your help and for making our reception memorable! The music was great and you guys were so much fun to work with! I cant tell you how much easier you guys made it! I felt like I could trust you guys with the whole reception and not have to stress about a thing!! 

You sure can use us as a reference! Email or phone is fine! 

Thank you again!! 

Missie Kimball

Hey Laura, 
Thank you so much on behalf of our children and our family and friends. We so much appreciated yours and Elliots help with the wedding, we couldn't have done it without you. 
We would be happy for you to use us for a reference, and phone or email contact is fine.

All the best,
Connie and Jami Grindatto, along with the new Mr and Mrs Kimball

Laura –

Now that the dust has settled a bit …

Thank you so much for making the dance party so much fun. You fulfilled Ilyse’s wish of getting to dance the Hora on the chair, and having all the latest songs and dances! You were so easy to work with, which was such a pleasure with so many details to keep track of. I especially appreciate that you took care of everything once you arrived at the site – no worries for me!

I would be happy to be a reference and either e-mail or phone is fine!  

All my best.

Andrea Levy

Thank you Laura!! 
We had a great time at Jared's Bar Mitzvah!  Please feel free to use me as a reference. I will give you a great one! I prefer email but telephone is fine as well.

Thanks for the picture. The candy table was spectacular 0and delicious! The adults, as well as the kids, LOVED your candy choices.

Shona Zimmerman
HI Laura,

Thank you again for another fun event. Our Sock Hop was a huge success due to you. The children had so much fun dancing. The loved doing the dragon dance and the Macarena. You helped us create another, very memorable family night.

Thanks again.
Tess Pallozzi
SY Jackson Elementary School

Hi Laura,

Of course we would be happy to serve as references for you. You were absolutely fantastic, and were a big part of the reason that our event was such a success. Not only in terms of your musical selections (which perfectly worked and maximized the guests' energy), but also in terms of the way you stayed in communication with us throughout the night, and helped to keep all aspects of the wedding organized and coherent. Even when we added or changed the order of events on the fly, you helped to make the progression seamless for all the guests. It was really fantastic working with such professionals, and because of your efforts Spring and I were actually able to enjoy the whole evening without worrying about the details. 

Either email or phone would be perfectly fine, but email may be better since our phone numbers are likely to change after our move to Canada in December. Either way, we'd be happy to give a glowing review. 

Many thanks,
Matt Shane

We had an amazing event, thanks to Musicology!!!! Your crew was so very delightful. Thank you & yours once again for all of your hard work & expertise!!! We definitely want to make this an annual event and include Musicology. You may use me as a reference as I am still beaming from the success of the event, everyone had such a great evening! 
Thanks again,
M. Dominick Armijo RN

Good Morning Laura

GREAT JOB !!!Thank you again for providing entertainment at our Safety Picnic, the committee loved you guys and several employees have told me they enjoyed the music. 
I will definitely keep your information on file for next year’s picnic. 
Yes, you may use me as a reference, email only please and yes my work address is fine for the T-shirt (large please), I like to have room 

Have a great day!

Jackie Brown, Human Resources Analyst 
Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority

Working in Artist Management, Eliot has helped take care of some of the biggest names and stars in the music world. The thing that always impressed me was the way Eliot would treat people, he was always kind and always respectful to everyone, wither you were considered well known or pretty unknown.

In fact most of us who have known Eliot and worked with him over the years will all say he is one of the best friends you can have in the world of entertainment. I could not say enough good things about him , he has always been a faithful friend to me and I have never ever heard him say anything unkindly about anyone as he has such a unique gift to see the good in everyone and in every situation.

Truthfully many artist and people in show business have a need for approval which perhaps they were denied growing up by parents that just weren’t really there for them that did not nurture them properly, from some difficulties that happened to them. There is a difference in talented people trying to just please people and those that want to share their God given gifts with the world. Either way we all face difficulties at times in this world.

Eliot was always that person who was able to encourage you to keep on keeping on when times were tough. 

As so many artist and people seem to struggle with family issues and seem to have multiple marriages and divorces in the world of entertainment. There is Eliot who somehow was able to maintain a healthy family life still married to his devoted wife, still devoted to his children and grandchildren as they are to him. 

I would say that Eliot Goldstein is an example of a real gentleman and someone I would highly recommend, as I am sure this planet be a much better place if there were more people like him and more people who are blessed to know him as their friend.

I have known him for over 30 some years now and I am very blessed to call him my friend. I am sure if you get to work with him you will feel the same.

Yours very truly,

Caspar McCloud 
Senior pastor The Upper Room Fellowship
Caspar McCloud Ministries Inc
603 West Crossville Road
Roswell Georgia 30075
Hi Laura,

Sorry about the delay. We've been so busy catching up on post-wedding cleanup that might have been busier than the pre-wedding.

Anyway, we very much enjoyed the experience of working with you. You were so concerned about what we wanted, and made us feel very confident that you were going to deliver the experience we wanted. That confidence wasn't misplaced; our reception couldn't have gone any better! We were completely happy with the music selections and the emcee, and we really appreciate all the extra work you put in to coordinate the events of the evening. Not only were we delighted, but several of our guests also mentioned to us that they were favorably impressed by you guys. Thanks again, and we'll certainly be contacting you again in the future if we need a DJ.

We'd be happy to provide a reference.  
Thank You again.
Bailee Gordon

Hi Laura. Things are finally getting back to normal - whatever that is! I went to your website testimonials but couldn't figure out how to add one. So here it is:
"The folks from Musicology worked together to turn a luncheon into a joyful celebration in which guests of all ages felt free to act silly, join in the fun, and shake their booties. They really listened to what we were looking for and made our daughter feel like the star of the show. They even got my cranky husband out on the dance floor! Laura and Elliot really know their business and make your party what you want it to be." 
-Julie Murphy
My Bat Mitzvah was awesome!!   Musicology  was great at getting the party started and getting everybody out on the dance floor.  The dancers they had were so much fun!  All my friends said they had so much fun!
-Allison Murphy
Laura , the owner of Musicology, was very helpful to us not only at our event, a Bat Mitzvah, but before the event during the planning process. My husband and I had never planned a Bar or Bat Mitzvah before, which was why we chose Musicology. They don’t just decide on a play list of songs. They made sure our whole event flowed and was planned carefully.
On the night of our Bat Mitzvah, they kept the kids busy with fun games and prizes while the adults had a peaceful cocktail hour. Later, after dinner, we all had fun with the Horah and dancing. Many of our guests commented on how wonderful the DJs and dance motivators were.  
We would highly recommend Musicology for any event. They are professional, fun and fill the evening with energy.
Cheryl Haase

Thanks, it was a trying but fun event :) I would be happy to fill out the survey, you both did an excellent job and exceeded what a typical DJ's involvement would be. And thank you for future referrals, I will definitely be referring you to my future clients.    :)
Deanne Schufft
I was very pleased with your service, thanks again!
Cynthia Baca

​Hi Laura-
We would be happy to refer you anytime!! You and Musicology did an excellent job, everyone had a fantastic time!!
Email or cell is fine.
Kathleen Atkin

Dear Laura:

I wanted to thank you for a “Job Well Done”. My daughter and son-in-law’s wedding was absolutely amazing!!

Not only did my daughter and son-in-law enjoy themselves, but EVERY ONE of our guests has made a special effort to contact me to let me know that they had a fantastic time, as well.

Our DJ/MC, Matt, was great!!   He performed exactly as we had asked him to. Not too much, and not too little…just the right amount of interaction. His music mixes kept our guests on the dance floor, and that’s exactly what my daughter wanted.  

The lighting that Matt used while music was playing was perfect. My daughter wanted part “Disco” and part “Romantic” and Matt, along with the rest of Musicology, delivered both.

I thank you, again, for your company’s complete professionalism.  


Ross Matthews

What a fun night!  Thanks to you and Musicology for making my son's and daughter's graduation celebrations a huge success!
Of course you can use us as a reference on either cell (505-620-4560) or email  ( stratospeer@comcast.net ).                                                                       Thanks again, Laura Speer 

Hi Laura,
 Party went great! Thanks so much to your son and daughter and Musicology for doing such a fantastic job:) Allie had a wonderful time at her Sweet-16, and many great memories!
Michelle West

​To Whom It May Concern:
This is a reference for Musicology DJ and Entertainment. As a DJ company, they come well prepared. Their website allows you to choose your play list for your event. Therefore, they know exactly what you want to hear. In addition, they have music appropriate for games, dinner, etc. Basically, they are ready for anything you may want to hear. 

I highly recommend Laura Goldstein and Musicology for any event. They will keep everyone entertained the entire time. They also may include party favors such as candy and glow sticks. In our experience, Musicology DJ and Entertainment was a hit! Our Head Start celebration included over a hundred guests and everyone thought that Musicology was a great DJ. Once again, I highly recommend Musicology for any event. 

Jennifer Molinar, FSA
PMS Head Start, Sandoval, Bernalillo
100 Ricardo Lane
Bernalillo, NM 87004

“We worked with Musicology for our Customer Appreciation event. The event was to host professionals in a casual environment. Laura was amazing to work with and she offered helpful suggestions along the way. Her crew arrived on time and was consistent in the genre of music that we requested. We will absolutely work with Musicology in the future and we strongly recommend you do the same!”

Teresa Brown
Sr. Business Development Officer 
Stewart Title of Albuquerque
6759 Academy Rd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109
M (505) 362-0708 | O (505) 346-5422
stewartabq.com | teresa.brown@stewart.com 
Hi Laura-
You did awesome job before and during our wedding, and exceeded our expectations. We will use you in the future and will recommend you to anyone and everyone. I loved the hats and rings and you made the party a success! Our guests have raved about you. Thank you so much for everything you did in making our day great. 
Thank you, Melissa Summers
Let us help celebrate your LGBT event !
Hi Laura! Hope all is well with you guys. Sorry for the delay - life gets crazy doesn't it? 

We are happy to recommend Musicology for your event. Laura and staff took the time to prepare, made sure we were all on the same page and then made sure the evening was a blast! Having two wedding receptions in two different states was a lot of work, but Laura made the effort to ensure our New Mexico reception had a similar feel but a personality all its own too. Our guests were fun-loving and the music set the tone. Reliable, dependable, trustworthy and very fun!! 
Thank you both for a great night! 
Patrick and Kelly Opp.
People can just call me on my cell 505-227-0977. 
Hello Laura!

We were very happy with the way things turned out. People loved the music and the candy table!

We would love to be a reference:

“As a lesbian couple, we were very pleased with the sensitivity and openness Laura, Elliott and their wonderful crew bestowed upon us. Once we met with Laura and Elliott and had our plans finalized, we sat back and waited for the big day. No stress, no fuss, no muss! Just the way we wanted our day to be. Thank you.”

Meaghan Ellsworth